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How to Connect to Custom Minecraft Servers From your Nintendo Switch

Connecting to a server can be a great way to play with friends or enjoy new gameplay experiences. However, You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to connect to a Minecraft server using your console.

Why Doesn’t This Just Work?

If you’re a Minecraft player with a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PS4/PS5, the server list is restricted to Minecraft partners that are Featured or approved Mojang/Microsoft. However, there is no way to enter a custom server IP; the option is entirely missing!

The good news, you can fix it. First, you’ll need to adjust your console’s DNS settings. Then, you’ll need to create or sign in to a Nintendo and Microsoft accounts. Viola, you’re ready to connect to a server and play Minecraft.

Steps to Connect to a Minecraft Server from a Nintendo Switch

Before enabling the custom server list, you will first need an account with Nintendo and another with Microsoft.

  1. You will need a Nintendo Switch account.
    1. If you need to create one for your child, sign into and add a Child account.
    2. Otherwise, create a new one for yourself.
    3. Once you have a username & password, connect your Switch to your Nintendo Account.
  2. And you will also need a Microsoft account…
    1. In Minecraft, choose ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account.’
    2. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one.
    3. The steps to create your new account or how to create one for your Child can be found at in the guide posted here:
    4. Sign into your Microsoft account on the switch. (Select Y to ‘connect to local network’ → choose local network → Now choose ‘sign in with Microsoft account’ → Choose Connect)

Steps for Nintendo Switch

YouTube Video for Nintendo Switch:

  1. Goto System settings from the main menu
  2. Choose Internet
  3. Internet settings (for WiFi connections)
  4. Select the network you are already connected to
  5. Change settings
  6. DNS settings > manual
    1. Set primary to
    2. Set secondary to
  7. Save
  8. Open Minecraft
  9. Play → Servers → choose any server → choose ‘Connect to a Server’ → enter your server IP or DNS
  10. Voila! You’re ready to play your way.



This open-source code repo enables Bedrock users to connect to servers not on the ‘Featured Servers’ list approved by Mojang/Microsoft.

Xbox One, PS4/PS5 Console YouTube Videos

YouTube videos posted by the creator of BedrockConnect, the utility that makes this magic happen.

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